Aircraft Records

All Aircraft Records This article gives yearly aviation records under 5 headings: airspeed, range, ceiling, gross take-off weight, and engine power. Airspeed Records Range Records Ceiling Records T/O Weight Records Engine Power Records    

Year Airspeed Range Ceiling T/O Weight Engine power
1905 60.91 km/h (37.85 mph) USA Wilbur Wright Flyer III October 5, 1905 38.95 km (24.2 miles) USA Wilbur Wright Flyer III October 5, 1905 15 m (50 ft) USA Wilbur Wright Flyer III September 28, 1905 388 kg (855 lb) USA Wright Brothers Flyer

What Is the Most Fuel-Efficient Airplane?

There is no greater concern among pilots and airplane owners today than the cost of fuel. Prices vary widely from airport to airport, but $5 is often on the low end and $7 a gallon is not the top. And in many instances jet fuel costs more than avgas, a

The first flight to the ” Czech Republic “

Tehran To Prague

Fly by " Airbus 340-600 " Qeshm Virtual Airline About " Czech Republic " The Czech Republic , is a landlocked country in Central Europe. The country is bordered by Germany to the west, Austria to the south, Slovakia to the east and Poland to the north.

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