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history of qeshm VA

Qeshm Air Virtual Airline With The Purpose Of Simulating Qeshm Airlines In The Flight Simulator Has Been Created. Our Main Purpose Is Carrying Out Activities Related To Virtual World Flight.

All Rights For The Brand Name And Logo Are Owned By lts Parent Company ( Qeshm Air ) With The Following Address www.qeshm-air.com Is Use Them Only For Virtualization Of The Company And Its Flights In The Virtual World And Microsoft Flight Simulator Software.

We Are Trying To Provide A Professional Environment For Enthusiasts Of Qeshm Air In The Flight Simulator.

Qeshm’ Virtual Airline  started its virtual voyage on July 12, 2015, initially it was not a comprehensive program for the development of the company, but over time, a definite program for the development of fleets and flying sticks Was taken. Qeshm Virtual Airlines , in addition to completing and covering Qeshm regional and international flights using the advanced fleet, is proud to serve the clay . The biggest priority of this set is to provide a friendly and safe environment for learning the principles of flight and also virtual flights, which has made a lot of progress in recent years.

Also …

In addition to covering Qeshm’s national and international destinations, Qeshm Airlines has launched and launched a new and abundant route around the world, as well as to make it easier to fly in the other three continents of Europe, America, Australia . Launching and updating all these fleets.

“ Qeshm’ Virtual Airline ” Has succeeded in creating an advanced fleet along with Qeshm Airline main fleet for use by enthusiasts, so that today Qeshm Virtual Airlines is ready for flying around the world with 109 active airplanes .


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